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August 20, 2021

Where To Place Home Security Cameras In Lafayette?

Where are the best spots to place your home security cameras in Lafayette? Normally, you have three major regions of the home for video protection: your front door, the outside perimeter, and strategic interior positions. While your installation team will be able to suggest where you should install, consider the following best practices on where to place your home security cameras at your home.

Don’t Forget To Protect Your Main Entrance

While it may seem crazy that a burglar would try to simply stroll through primary entrance, 34% of break-ins take place near this passageway. You also have package thieves among other dangers to deal with. Doorbell surveillance is ideal to handle all of these possibilities with crystal clear high-def, wide-angle capabilities.

Doorbell surveillance is extra useful as you have the ability to chat with all guests who approach and ring the bell. Through your security app, like ADT Control, you can answer each instance with 2-way talk and live feeds and appear to be at home. Then if someone does try to do something questionable, you can have your camera capture footage and transmit it to your smartphone via a text notification.

Cover The Most Area With Your Exterior Cameras

Where to place home security cameras on the exterior of your home is a more challenging assignment. Luckily, there are a handful of tips to greatly increase the likelihood that your home is safeguarded appropriately.

  • The corners of your Lafayette residence offer a large sightline, letting you see two sections of your property.
  • Position underneath an overhanging eave or straight into a piece of cladding or edging are perfect spots for surveillance devices as they will be partially hidden by blending into your gutterline.
  • Over your garage, as the garage door is a more enticing entryway for burglars than you may know!
  • Above a back porch or rear door -- or any entryway that can’t be seen from the sidewalk.

In each of these spots, be sure to prune any bushes or tree limbs that could obscure your ability to see clearly.

Tips To Enjoy The Highest Level of Performance From Your In-Home Video Equipment

You have a wider range of choices on where to place home security cameras on the interior of your residence in Lafayette. That same versatility does mean there are more factors to contemplate:

  • Beware of Sun Glare: Although it’s wise to ensure your windows are down and latched, the natural light from a window may cast a glare on your surveillance footage. Aim the front of your camera away from direct blasts of sunshine to eliminate this problem.
  • Use Your Height Advantage: In the same fashion as a watchtower, a surveillance device positioned in a high place will produce a broader view. You might situate your cameras on top of bookshelves or affixed to a corner or ceiling.
  • Keep Out of Reach: Your video equipment won’t be able to protect you if it’s broken. Install your security cameras in a spot where kids and your furry friends have no ability to mess with them. You might consider mounting or other ways of attaching them to ensure they don’t crash to the ground if inadvertently knocked into.
  • Use Plants and Decor to Your Advantage: The greatest surveillance system will fail to be of much use if you have a plant in the way. However, interior decor and plant life can also serve as a means to cloak your recording devices. Just ensure they don’t keep the camera from doing its job!

Turn to Secure24 Alarm Systems And Find the Right Place For Your Home Security Cameras

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