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May 31, 2021

Ways To Deter Burglars in Lafayette

Contrary to what you watch in big budget flicks, most home intruders don’t plan elaborate Home Alone schemes. Instead, crooks seek out houses that have quick entry and no countermeasures. Houses that appear guarded by a home security system -- or houses that are commonly occupied -- won’t fit a burglar's needs. They'll then look in a different direction for a shadowy, poorly guarded home where they know the family is away.

After covering all that, how can you deter burglars in Lafayette?

Install And Promote Your Home Security System

If you were a thief and could any location in Lafayette, would you select the option that notified the residents and police that a break-in was taking place? Nearly all thieves will look for the house of little resistance, and possessing a security camera or motion detector results in added risk and a likely trip to the police station.

Setting out yard signs and window decals about your home security system is an ideal place to start in making your home seem uninviting. Then add some external security cameras. A doorbell camera functions perfectly as many would-be burglars will first knock on the door to see if anyone is around.

On the inside, make sure you have sensors placed in all entrances. If someone does choose your property to try and enter, the sensors will set off the high-decibel alarm and deter thieves before they start cleaning out the place. Letting thieves know you are protected by a monitored security system is an added deterrent, as they are aware that your security monitoring team will be informed of their attempt even if you’re away.

Lights Make It Appear Like You’re Home

By ensuring that your home isn't pitch black, you give the impression that someone's home. Turning on your porch lights or living room light when you're away can also work as well. Or mount a floodlight above the back door or garage that illuminates the area when it senses motion.

The problem with just leaving a lamp lit is that it can get predictable -- moreso when you take off from neighborhood for a handful of days. With recent advancements, you can put in some smart lights to make it look like you're currently home. With your mobile security app, you can put your smart lights on a routine so that various rooms are lit at ever-changing periods, or power them from anywhere when you get a security warning on your app.

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Lock Your Entrances And Windows

Sealing your entryways ahead of leaving the house will go a long way in deterring burglars in Lafayette. Even if you make sure to bolt the front door, do you keep places like doggy doors, patio doors, and the adjoining door from the garage to the house closed and locked? Exterior doors require a minimum of a deadbolt that makes the door much more difficult to kick in. Smart locks are also useful, as you can get a message to your mobile device if they are being tampered with. And do not ever stash house keys under the mat or garden rock.

Keep Your Vacation Off Social Media

Most thieves like to scout their locations ahead of the break in. Social media apps like Facebook and Instagram might display when you're not at home. When you tell the world that you're in transit to the airport for a 7-night trip, you might have broadcast an unintentional beacon. Ensure you double check your security options so that only trusted contacts see your vacation images, or simply wait until you return home to post your travel pictures.

Get The Best Home Security System In Lafayette To Deter Burglars

Trust the professionals at Secure24 Alarm Systems to soup up your security by mounting motion detectors, cameras, and lights. We'll help you personalize your home security system to your needs so you can make your property intimidating to potential crooks. Just call (337) 306-6995 or complete the form today!